Sunday, September 26, 2010

A 2 word review for Minecraft

It's. Awesome.

Seriously, That's why I haven't made a post in 2 days. I can't stop playing. Do yourself a favor and go to and get the game, if you're unsure watch videos on it by "Seananners" or "davidr64yt" on youtube. So damn good.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Out of Curiosity what are everyones Top 3 Favorite films of 2010?

So far my list is as follows:

3. Toy Story 3 - Visually Stunning, The Narrative is Gripping and the entire film pulls on the strings of my heart at one point. Fantastic film.

2. Scott Pilgrim vs the World - Walked in expecting something decent...walked out amazed. Such a great nod to nerd culture. Hilarious too! One of my favorite films of all time.

1. Machete - I thought Expendables was manly...oh no, compared to this it was TV-Y7 Afternoon PBS material. I walked out with Chest Hair on my Chest Hairs Chest Hair.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anyone proficient with PS3 repair?

Here's the deal, I have an old MGS4 80gig PS3. I got it because I wanted the backwards compatibility with PS2 (my PS2 has been nearly broken for years). Anyways, a few months ago it stopped reading discs. I did all the basic troubleshooting and not getting any results and not able to afford repairs from Sony I decided to do the only other thing I could think of, opening it up and cleaning the laser. I did this exactly as tutorials showed me how and I put it back together, still no results. I've done this so many times. I'm out of ideas, is there anything I can do that would be cheap or easy to fix this problem? I'd rather not get a new PS3 (I don't like the style of the slims and I need the Backwards Compat now for many of my saves are on the hard drive).

Amazing Horror Short

I am amazed at the quality of this, it's freaky. Actually the channel that this comes from is full of awesome horror shorts. So far this is my favorite.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[Rec]2 Review

NOTE: This review will contain spoilers for [Rec]. If you have not seen the first film in the series I suggest that you stay away from this review. As always, I will try and refrain from any sort of spoiler during the process of writing this review.

[Rec] is a Spanish horror film originally released in 2006. Shortly after release it gained worldwide fame and even spawned a Hollywood remake 12 months later. The movie followed a TV Journalism team following around a fire squad. As filming came to a close a call came in and they decided to catch them doing their job for the show. The call was at a local apartment complex, shortly after entering they realized this was no fire. Many people filled with rage were attacking everyone in sight just like zombies. Whoever got bit by them was also infected by the disease. As the team tried to leave the building they realized that the government has sealed it off and would shoot anyone and everyone who tried to get out. The final scene was in a penthouse on the top floor. It was full of mysterious recordings and religious artifacts and a very different looking creature. The film ended with the main character getting dragged off into the darkness, screaming, looking into the lens of camera.

Now it’s 2010 and [Rec2] has hit stateside (late 2009 in Spain). The film exceeds every expectation I had for it. The plot is very difficult to describe without giving spoilers but I will do my best. The movie takes place 15 minutes after the events of [Rec]. Outside the complex a Swat team is readied to infiltrate and record their time inside the building with someone who claims to be a “Medical Examiner”. Shortly after entering we find out that this is not entirely true and that he has a mission and it must be completed if anybody ever wants to walk out of the building alive again. The movie answers every question possible from the first movie as well. Most importantly, what was up with the penthouse and all the religious artifacts within. Less than half-way through it’s all answered and many new plots within that form. The movie is very gripping from beginning to end.

The thing many people including myself enjoyed a lot about the first one was that it is in fact scary. Something rare in modern horror. The movie does not overdo jump scares or “is he going to die?” moments either. The movie goes at a very nice pace and does not overdo anything. I can’t think of one bad thing to say about how the scare factor played out this time around. If anything, it does even better than the first. Ontop of this, the gore effects aren’t over the top. They seem realistic and that’s what adds to the gritty feeling within the movie.

The acting is top notch. While I may not speak Spanish, I know when the characters are conveying the proper emotion. Even if I watched this without subtitles I could vaguely tell what would be going on. The actors did that great of a job. Nothing seemed really corny or out of place (except for one small scene, which in context did make sense). Overall, just a fantastic cast.

If I had to think of just one minor gripe I had with this movie it would be some of the effects used in one particular area. This would be the overlays used to make it seem like the cameras used were handheld much like the first. If you have not caught on yet, the second is a Point of View film much like the first, Cloverfield or Blair Witch Project. The overlays just looked out of place. I did not really need to see a battery indicator on the top right hand of the screen all the time. Some of the feedback given if a camera was dropped looked too static and out of place. It didn’t totally ruin the experience but it definitely did hinder my enjoyment here and there.

This movie is an absolute thrill ride from beginning up to the final two minutes. The final two minutes of this film are jaw-dropping. Simply, outstanding. This is how an ending should be done and it leaves an opening for a [Rec3] which I would really be excited to see.

Overall, [Rec2] is another Modern Horror Classic. It takes everything that made the first great and expanded on it. A lot of questions were answered and many new ones brought into the mix. A lot of plot twists all over. Amazing acting and some very well placed scares. The only thing that detracts it from perfection is some very badly place effects.

Overall I give [Rec2] a 9.8/10


+Fantastic Acting
+Excellent Story
+Well Placed Scares
+Jaw Droppingly Amazing Ending


-Some fairly cheesy effects on the camera.

Underated Game Review - Bomberman Act Zero

Bomberman: Act Zero developed by Hudson Soft is an attempt to make a more mature Bomberman game. Gone from this title is the classic family friendly style known in the series. In this iteration of the series we are treated with cyborgs, screams, dark environments and just a very adult version of the game. Many said the game fell flat and was a complete failure and embarrassment to the series, I beg to differ.

First up, I’ll get the story out of the way. You are a Bomberman forced to compete for freedom in an underground lab. Survive 99 battles and freedom is yours. That’s the whole plot in a nutshell.

The game plays like any Bomberman in standard mode. A top down view of a stage. Place down bombs to break blocks, collect power-ups (Such as being able to place down multiple bombs at once, run faster, have control over when bombs blow up or even walk through bombs!) and eliminate enemies before it’s too late and the stage starts killing for you via blocks falling down from above. There is a brand new mode in addition to that made for Act:Zero. It is called “FPB” mode, or First-Person-Battle. I have no clue why it’s called First-Person when it’s a traditional Third-Person style camera but I really enjoy this mode. It’s standard mode rules except you are given life points. So a hit will NOT kill you, but it will certainly drain your health down. At the start surviving 2 bombs is all you will be able to do. However with life point power-ups and other things you could survive over 50 bombs. You will need that advantage too. There are 99 stages but only 1 life. No continues, you die once and it is back to the main menu. The games difficulty is absolutely brutal. I have yet to even pass stage 19 (which also takes quite a while to get too). Add onto the fact that the load times are absolutely terrible (sometimes up to 15 seconds to load each stage). You will experience a load time for everything! Seemingly 10% of this game is spent on the loading screen.

Graphically, the game is very bland and dated looking. It gets the job done but not much else. The textures are muddy, the environments are dark and lack any kind of detail. There is only 1 stage with a different color theme every now and then. Everything looks plain. Even the character designs. It’s just 2 types of Bombermen/women with 8 separate colors. Nothing too exciting. It’s not appalling but it will not win any awards. The sound is a low point as well. There are seemingly only 2 sounds for somebody dying. A scream from a male Bomberman and a screech from a Bomberwoman. The bombs all make the same sound. The footsteps never change and there is a very annoying announcer who only has 5 lines which boil down to “You’re alive. You Win. Get to the Next Stage. You are Dead. You Lose”. That’s it. For 99 stages you are guarenteed to hear at least 3 of those per stage. Graphically/Sound Wise this game is no good.

Multiplayer wise there is only Xbox live support. That’s right, no single-console multiplayer which I believe is a first for the series! This is inexcusable. However, the online play really isn’t half-bad when you can find a match. Up to 8 players too. There is seemingly no lag. It’s painless to make or join a game & it plays very well. No real complaints for the live play assuming you can find somebody to play with.

The game may not be perfect but it is one thing that all games should be. Fun. Am I going to go out and say this is a must buy? Not by any means. It can be found for under $5 USD today though, new. It’s worth a shot. It’s a great challenge and addictive. Even doing something simple like passing around 1 controller in a room full of people to see who can get the farthest is even quite entertaining. Overall, I enjoyed this game for what it is. Even though it is fun, it has some very big flaws and I have to give it a 5.5/10.


+It’s fun
+Excellent online play
+Presents a challenge not often found in games anymore
+Can be found very cheap


-Terrible sound and graphics
-No single-console multiplayer!
-Load times are terrible.
-Finding more than 3 people to play the game with on live per day is a challenge in itself.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ghost Game Review

Every now and then I stumble across a horror movie that looks so bad it’s good. That is exactly what I thought Ghost Game would be when I found it on Netflix Instant Streaming (the studio that made this even has it on youtube in full). I saw the 2.7 rating on IMDB and only read negative things. I thought to myself, “Well, it will probably be a funny bad!”. Oh, I thought wrong. So wrong.

The story of this film is well…That’s a difficult thing to really say because the plot was so thin I don’t even know that well. The best I can come up with is this. A group of college students rent a cabin for a weekend getaway. They find out in order to get to it they have to canoe over there because it’s a few miles down a river. When they get there they find the nice cabin and a guest book. One entry in the guest book was from a frightened young girl saying “DON’T!” and then the next page was torn out. They soon get bored and decide to play a board game they find in a random closet. They open up the game and on top of the board it says “DON’T PLAY THIS GAME!”. They do anyways and now ghosts appear on the island making them do the tasks of the game for some kind of ritual as everyone dies around them. That’s the best I can possibly describe it.

The acting, well it gives “The Room” a run for its money. The effects? What effects! There are ghosts, just have the actors jump around acting like they are getting hurt! The music? Actually, this wasn’t that bad…when it was there in the first 15 minutes. The ending? Well, the credits were definitely a highlight!

Honestly, when it comes to a movie so bad like this, it is IMPOSSIBLE to give a very fair long detailed review. There was no plot, the acting wasn’t there and theres nothing to talk about. I am in disbelief that something like this even exists. If you are very bored and want to watch one of the worst movies you could every possibly see then well, check this out. If you are not a movie-masochist and you haven’t seen this yet. Well, continue on with your day and don’t look back.

I give Ghost Game a 1/10


+Well, the music was okay…I guess


-The movie is a giant con.

Machete Review

With the Expendables released earlier this year how could anything top it in action? Well, it’s quite simple really, just take the three missing from the all star cast in Expendables (Steven Seagal, Robert DeNiro and Danny Trejo) and make one over the top throwback to 70s explotation films. Then to top it all off have it directed by none other than Robert Rodriquez. This is what we call…Machete.

Illegal Immigration laws will be taken new heights thanks to senator John McLaughlin. Immigrants will be kept back with an electric fence and possibly killed for just crossing the border. There might be even be an ulterior motive behind all of this. Though there is just one motive for Machete (Played by Danny Trejo) and Luz (played by Michelle Rodriquez) and that’s to stop Senator McLaughlin (Played by Robert DeNiro) before he is re-elected and can put this new policy in place.

Luz is the leader of a immigration ring called “The Network”. She helps people from Mexico get into the United States and knows that McLaughlins fence could really hurt her operations. On top of this Sartana (played by Jessica Alba) is a enforcer of immigration laws who is trying to also bring down Luz’s operation.

We also have Machete, who just 3 years before all of this was left for dead by Torrez (played by Steven Seagal). After killing Machete’s wife he set a house ablaze with a unconscious and wounded Machete left inside. He was presumed dead until he was found by Booth (Played by Jeff Fahey). Booth hired him to take out McLaughlin at an upcoming speech. Little did Machete know it was a setup and soon Luz, Sartana and Machete will have to join forces to solve a web of deceit and end all the madness going on…very violently (this is by far one of the most over-the-top Action films in a very long time).

Everything about this film screams 70’s. If you caught the “Grindhouse” films from 2006 then you know what to expect. A very gritty film full of action and a fair amount of talking as well. It’s almost as if Robert Rodriquez went back in time with his cast and filmed this using modern cinematic techniques. The end result is just mind blowing.

The film is full of humor as well. There are so many quotable scenes, it’s unbelievable. This movie never has a dull moment. The entire film is well written and just a joy to watch. Bloods squirting, women are naked, limbs are flying and guns are blazing. What else could you want out of a movie that is meant to ooze testosterone off of the screen.

There is only one minor downside to this entire picture and that’s the fact that sometimes the writing loses focus. The plot takes second place to the action at parts. It seems like sometimes there is just violence for well, the sake of violence. Granted that’s not a big problem for me but for many others this could be a tad distracting.

Overall, Machete is full of action, has an all-star cast and looks and feels like it was made 4 decades ago. It’s just awesome.

I give Machete a 9.5/10


-Loses focus here and there…

but honestly, who cares about that con, I’ve been trying to hold this back the entire review but really after writing that I just feel the need to say this, so please excuse me but…


That is pretty much my secondary review.