Monday, November 15, 2010

I keep failing to keep this updated

I need to be more consistent with this but right now I'm trying out Call of Duty commentaries for the first time, if anyone is interested enough to give me feedback on my first commentary please tell me what I should improve on in the comments of this entry or on the video itself!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Contemplating making a NES E-Book

I want some feedback on this idea.

I want to go through every single NES/Famicom game. I want to write a description of the plot and gameplay for each along with the release date, developer, add in some screenshots, The rarity of the game (Loose and Complete) and do an average price judged by hunting Ebay and collecting sites for the loose copy and complete copy.

I want to make a complete collectors guide with every single thing listed that would be beneficial to gamers and collectors alike. In the end with all the work I'd have to put into it I'd end up charging something small like $5.

I know there are guides out there that have done this but I've never seen one that covered every single thing in a nice PDF format. So tell me, good idea or no? Whenever I get started I'll be sure to give a preview page or two to help gather more opinions before I dive fully into the estimated 1000 page endeavor.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random horror movie recommendation #1

It's no secret. I am a horror buff. Over the past 6 months I have sat down and watched a minimum of 1 horror movie a day. Some days I watched upwards of 4 or 5. Now I am going to share trailers for certain movies I happened to enjoy to hopefully convince others to watch.

My first recommendation is a revenge horror movie. It is part of the 2010 lineup of After-Dark Horrorfest films. it's called The Final.

Haven't made an entry in a while.

Sorry about that, I've been caught up in another project (which i should have posted here too). I have been posting daily horror reviews for the month of October. Is anyone interested in me posting those entries here? Just tell me so and if a few people want to see them I'll gladly post. Anyways, expect posts to become regular again now! :D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A 2 word review for Minecraft

It's. Awesome.

Seriously, That's why I haven't made a post in 2 days. I can't stop playing. Do yourself a favor and go to and get the game, if you're unsure watch videos on it by "Seananners" or "davidr64yt" on youtube. So damn good.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Out of Curiosity what are everyones Top 3 Favorite films of 2010?

So far my list is as follows:

3. Toy Story 3 - Visually Stunning, The Narrative is Gripping and the entire film pulls on the strings of my heart at one point. Fantastic film.

2. Scott Pilgrim vs the World - Walked in expecting something decent...walked out amazed. Such a great nod to nerd culture. Hilarious too! One of my favorite films of all time.

1. Machete - I thought Expendables was manly...oh no, compared to this it was TV-Y7 Afternoon PBS material. I walked out with Chest Hair on my Chest Hairs Chest Hair.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anyone proficient with PS3 repair?

Here's the deal, I have an old MGS4 80gig PS3. I got it because I wanted the backwards compatibility with PS2 (my PS2 has been nearly broken for years). Anyways, a few months ago it stopped reading discs. I did all the basic troubleshooting and not getting any results and not able to afford repairs from Sony I decided to do the only other thing I could think of, opening it up and cleaning the laser. I did this exactly as tutorials showed me how and I put it back together, still no results. I've done this so many times. I'm out of ideas, is there anything I can do that would be cheap or easy to fix this problem? I'd rather not get a new PS3 (I don't like the style of the slims and I need the Backwards Compat now for many of my saves are on the hard drive).