Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Contemplating making a NES E-Book

I want some feedback on this idea.

I want to go through every single NES/Famicom game. I want to write a description of the plot and gameplay for each along with the release date, developer, add in some screenshots, The rarity of the game (Loose and Complete) and do an average price judged by hunting Ebay and collecting sites for the loose copy and complete copy.

I want to make a complete collectors guide with every single thing listed that would be beneficial to gamers and collectors alike. In the end with all the work I'd have to put into it I'd end up charging something small like $5.

I know there are guides out there that have done this but I've never seen one that covered every single thing in a nice PDF format. So tell me, good idea or no? Whenever I get started I'll be sure to give a preview page or two to help gather more opinions before I dive fully into the estimated 1000 page endeavor.